Only three days left until Thanksgiving!

In Thanksgiving day, most people will sit with their beloved families to have a fulfilling dinner, watch some football on TV, and have fun!  Those who live away from home may also sit with their beloved friends and neighbors to feel the holiday spirits. However, there are also many that cannot afford all that luxury due to financial and other reasons. And with the current global economy, this number is only expected to increase.

Thanksgiving day apparently is the time of year to be thankful for all that we have, and for all that we have to offer our neighbors.  Right…?

Holiday Donation

Look for easy, affordable ways to contribute to the holiday spirit

So why don’t we start showing some love for our neighbors? This ‘showing of love’ does not have to be in a fancy way. Of course if you are a billionaire with a whole lot of disposable income, it will be nice to have your name on top of the donors list by donating thousands of dollars in a charity. But this certainly does not have to be the method for us average individuals.  There are tons of ways in which you can contribute to more affordable holiday ‘love sharing’ (more…)


I’ve been using an electric cooktop for almost an year now – and you know, by electric I mean those stove cooktops that have circles drawn on top with red-light glowing in them to heat up your pot/pan as supposed to having real flames coming out. And although electric cooktops are supposedly more innovative (I agree with this part) and safer than the traditional flame-bursting stoves, as I’ve been using one for a while, I noticed that’s not necessarily the case.

Electric Cooktop
From personal experience, these more-expensive electric cooktops (around $500-1000 more expensive than traditional ones) have both ups and downs (more…)

Its October 28, 2009, and  YES,  HALLOWEEN IS BACK!!    … precisely, it will be back in 3 days.

Anyways, now that we are grown-ups and lack the “young spirit” (and more importantly lack the “young look and size”) Trick-or-Treating is no longer socially acceptable.   Neither are we so energetic(?) and bullish enough to be throwing raw eggs at others (nor, sadly, speedy enough – to run away after the egg-attack).

Fortunately enough, though, there’s Halloween Parties  for us grown-ups; and although we don’t get to collect tens/hundreds of free candies, parties are quite satisfying events that most of us look forward to when Halloween season comes around. (right..??)

So..as I’ve been looking around to get a costume for myself, I encountered some Halloween props (more…)

I’m not a fan of buzz words like green, environmentally-friendly or organic.  So, as a reader, you inevitably ask, “why name your blog ‘Green Your Kitchen?””  To which, I immediately respond by saying, “because it gets people’s attention easier and to be somewhat ironic.”

So the purpose of this blog is uneducate people on what they think they know about the environment in relation to the kitchen (what we buy, what we use, and what we eat).   Also, I want people to realize that they should place emphasis on the creation and execution of solutions instead of complaining and pointing fingers (i.e. big corporations ).

Stay tuned for more to come.