From multiple standpoints, you don’t need a TV in your kitchen especially if you have a family.

Look at the behemoth TV.  Do you reeeeeeally need it?  Probably not, but we convince ourselves that we do.  And now more than ever we don’t because we can’t use the excuse that you don’t want to miss your favorite shows–that’s all online or on demand.

This will save you money on not having to buy a TV, not paying for cable, lower electricity bills, and for a less selfish reason, you won’t be draining on the Earth’s limited energy as much.  The savings will add up over time, I promise.  With all this saved money, you can buy organic eggs or even put it towards recycled napkins since they’re probably both more expensive than what you normally buy.

To go off a slight tangent, I’ve seen the deterioration of the family unit as a result of the TV in the kitchen.  The kids want to watch TV.  The parents spoil the kids and say yes.  The parents and the kids talk less making it that much more awkward to discuss problems or concerns.

So do yourself a favor, don’t buy a TV for your kitchen and if you already have one, put it in another room or store it until another one you have now breaks.  Do this for  your if not for monetary or environmental reasons.