Oskri Organic produces Barley Coffee

Oskri Organic produces Barley Coffee

I was reading my fave online news source “The Huffington Post“…

And now I am confused, which is not unfamiliar.

Coffee is made from coffee beans right? And Starbucks names the coffee in some sexy way and sells said coffee beans in their glorious liquid form, all jazzed up, and usually tasting pretty sexy too. Not sure how to measure a beverage’s sexy taste, but I’m also not sure how coffee can be made from soy/barley/etc.

Similarly,  soy/rice/almond/hemp/etc “milks”? I just drink soy milk in my coffee because I like it.

I don’t know how I feel about this. It’s really coffee flavored barley/corn/soy, right?

Elimination of the coffee bean altogether seems…wrong. Although, it is definitely nice to have alternatives that are actually decaffeinated since that’s not really possible with coffee. Decaf just means dramatically reduced caffeine when it comes to coffee proper. It’s part and parcel to its nature.

Now we have natural products replacing other natural products. Marketing/branding scheme? Genuine progress in the food industry? An inevitable mixture of both?

At least people are thinking outside the box…err…the bean.