Most people already know SIGG was not BPA free [until recently] and did not market themselves as such, even though that might not have been was not clear [to me at least].

I was reading an article in The Huffington Post [one of my favorite online new’s sources], and I had literally just purchased a new bottle and the aluminum bento style boxes the DAY before.

SIGG had a lot going for it: style, recyclable, reusable, cost efficient, non-toxic-super-advanced-secret-lining that didn’t leech BPA…or have BPA to leech it seemed. And water bottles are one of my all-time favorite things to buy.

Hence my expansion from water bottle to bento style boxes with the same brand.

Then I feel…beguiled. And stupid for having been beguiled. So when my order did arrive, I immediately returned it after going through the hassle of the RMA number request. I shipped my package back to them 09/06/09.

I have yet to be refunded, which isn’t inciting forgiveness or re-instating trust. So now Earthlust has my water bottle business, and I love their designs. I do not like that they are made in China, but they say that they are “made ethically in China“. Maybe working condition wise Earthlust is┬álike the American Apparel in China?

*hope so*

If you are interested in SIGG’s apology letter, refund/exchange information (more…)