Its October 28, 2009, and  YES,  HALLOWEEN IS BACK!!    … precisely, it will be back in 3 days.

Anyways, now that we are grown-ups and lack the “young spirit” (and more importantly lack the “young look and size”) Trick-or-Treating is no longer socially acceptable.   Neither are we so energetic(?) and bullish enough to be throwing raw eggs at others (nor, sadly, speedy enough – to run away after the egg-attack).

Fortunately enough, though, there’s Halloween Parties  for us grown-ups; and although we don’t get to collect tens/hundreds of free candies, parties are quite satisfying events that most of us look forward to when Halloween season comes around. (right..??) I’ve been looking around to get a costume for myself, I encountered some Halloween props that could help your party truly freaky and outshine others’…

Coackroach PropRat Prop

I thought these Rat and Cockroach props are really good (and easy to find, and affordable). They could make real good compliment to your Halloween-themed-kitchen – especially if hidden inside refrigerator, or in even more extreme case, inside food.   They will make the whole party really “gross” and “fun”… though there’s a potential negative side effect: people feel so nasty that they won’t eat any of the food you prepared all-day.

Steer Head

And how about this steer (ox) head prop?  I thought it would  be good idea to borrow an idea from Don Vito (from movie “The Godfather”), and use this prop to scare the *ish out of your guests. Simply hide it under sofa cushions/blankets, and wait ’til a guest discovers it!  Again, there’s something to be cautious of (and this time, it’s far more serious): beware of people with bad heart conditions, as this hidden ox head prop can lead them to having heart attack… though I think Halloween parties are originally not meant to be for people wwith heart conditions.