The popularity of wine has been increasing gradually around the globe and in the U.S., as more people choose to drink wine whenever there’s a special occasion. Whether it be for mood, for taste, or just as means to get drunk, people drink wine for many different occasions. And while some have expert knowledge on each and every wine they drink, most others (including myself) are just casual drinkers that just drink wine as another liquor alternative.

To all those casual wine drinkers in the U.S. , I have little something for you to be aware of before you go get your next bottle of wine.


Many American wines are becoming processed drinks

The general assumption about wine is that it is made by a winery, and that winery’s name is on the label. However, according to a recent article that I’ve read, of the top 30 wine brands in the U.S., none actually grows, produces and bottles its own wines. Instead, they buy tankers of bulk juice and put their own labels on it.

It is just like how most big name retailers would do — buying bunch of products at cheaper cost and selling them as if their own. (more…)