I changed the overall appearance of this blog today, to better reflect its contents and to look cleaner. I’m not sure how others will adapt to it, but I like it and hope you guys like it as well! — Tell me if you don’t, and in that case, some suggestions could help. 🙂

Now, to get to the point, I introduced reusable straws a few days ago, which can contribute to a cleaner environment. And to provide you with information on more TINY things that could help our environment BIG, I’m now introducing to you the Green Toothpicks – toothpicks that are made from starch.

Starch Toothpicks

Starch Toothpicks

To repeat myself, YES these toothpicks are made using starch — the same starch found in potatoes and corn. I’m not sure why, but in this supposedly, “environmentally friendly” United States, I have never seen any of these yet. Back in my home country in Asia, however, these have been replacing traditional wooden toothpicks everywhere since almost 10 years ago. These starch toothpicks are sustainable  and biodegradable — making it environmentally friendly.

Also, as a large part of humans’ food waste gets processed to create food for domestic animals, traditional toothpicks being mixed in the food waste often cause safety concerns for those animals. Unlike them, these starch toothpicks are edible — both by human and animals — thus eliminating the safety concerns.

What’s interesting is that, upon hearing that these starch toothpicks are edible, I actually have tried one. In fact, some of my friends have done it too — though I don’t recommend anyone else doing it because it is just too hard to chew.