My New York City kitchenette

My New York City kitchenette

Feel disoriented? NYC Craigslisters might not, but otherwise, I would expect nothing less.

Bear with me, it will be over in a minute.

OR! As my co-worker says, it will be over in a hot minute. She told me not to say that though, because I would get funny looks. I pull off things like: “such a hot mess”, “omg, that is bananas!”, “i know, right”, “wizzard!”, etc. I am a chameleon. I can blend. “Hot minute” is not beyond me; and I shall prove it to her. More on that later.

I’ve lived in a GREAT neighborhood in NYC for …geeze…5 years now. My first apartment ever! Well, … space. It doesn’t even count as a studio since I don’t have a bathroom inside. I have been through a lot with this place:

  • Gas leaks under my floor [I don’t even have a stove or anything that needs gas, but they tore up my floor to fix it]
  • Boiler problems on a month a bi-monthly basis [at least I can rely on there not being hot water twice a month for x amount of time
  • Some awkward neighbors posting notes throughout the building
  • My mail being stolen [the momma was very upset about that one as she worked hard on that care package!]
  • All of the horribleness that goes along with having bathrooms in the hallway that you share with strangers who have very different habits in hygiene than yourself…
  • No freezer
  • And then some much worse things involving police and firemen…

And it is time to bid this place Adieu. Oh, haha my floors aren’t level, so there is this pretty significant decline from the right wall to the left wall.

No More!I just signed for a fully equipped apartment! Well, it will be once it has my awesome water bottles in it.

Seriously though, a freezer you guys! Not that having to eat the whole pint of Ben&Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie [because otherwise it would be wasteful] is a fate worse than death.

Ben&Jerrys Mint Chocolate Cookie

Ben&Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie

Haha, look, it’s even green ice cream!

But 5 years without a freezer can really take a toll on you, in oh-so-many ways.

Like the Jeffersons, however, I too am movin’ on up. [See, I can totally adapt my vocabulary] Well, I am not moving to the UES [Upper East Side for the non/new New Yorker’s, hi guys], but I am crossing the river into the land of promise – Brooklyn.

Has anyone else lived in a 112 sq.ft space for 5 years?

Student I was, and student I am no longer. It served me well.

Really, people don’t need as much space as they tend to think. And this planet does not need people who think they do need that much space.

However, I am all for people having bathrooms inside their actual apartments/spaces. So I signed with a roomy in Brooklyn, and we are going to need help putting our kitchen together. So I’m sure I will spend a lot of time to come glue to my MacBook, searching for awesome kitchenware from Etsy/Supermarket HQ designers. I really want these towels:

Airplane diagram hand towels

Airplane diagram hand towels