I’ve been using an electric cooktop for almost an year now – and you know, by electric I mean those stove cooktops that have circles drawn on top with red-light glowing in them to heat up your pot/pan as supposed to having real flames coming out. And although electric cooktops are supposedly more innovative (I agree with this part) and safer than the traditional flame-bursting stoves, as I’ve been using one for a while, I noticed that’s not necessarily the case.

Electric Cooktop
From personal experience, these more-expensive electric cooktops (around $500-1000 more expensive than traditional ones) have both ups and downs to it. And as the SAFETY is generally seen as the greatest attribute of these electric products, I have little something to say about that safety issue.

— Electric cooktops are generally SAFER in a sense that it will not burn down your house even if it’s ON for long period of time, as long as nothing is placed on it; I’ve once left my stove ON and was away from home for a couple of days, but fortunately when I came back, I could not find any track of damage.

— It COULD SOMETIMES BE LESS safer than traditional cook tops; traditional cook tops, when they are ON and hot, have flames coming out of it. And those flames could help you NOT burn yourself because they are visually so obvious – when I was using a electric cooktop, I mistakenly placed a finger on the hot spot (though the stove was OFF) and burnt myself. Electric cooktops stay very hot for a longtime even after you turn it off. And although there’s little buttons indicating whether the cooktop is still hot, it’s easy to not notice them, and thus make a mistake like I did.

So in short, although electric cooktops will save your house when IT REALLY MATTERS (like in a case when your house may burn down), when it comes to daily-usage, traditional cooktops can be safer than electric ones. And yes, you could say electric cooktops are better (safer) because they are the safest when ‘it really matters’, BUT when- and how often- would it “really matter”? In fact, probably the most common accident stemming from usage of stoves is burning oneself, and not the entire house. So should you really pay extra $500~1000 to get that “generally safer” electric cooktop as supposed to traditional ones? Hmm, I say that’s a QUESTIONABLE decision (though it really depends on individual perception)