As I was looking at news online, I found this interesting article featuring the recent study by an organization called Christians Against Poverty (CAP) which is based in UK.

The study looked at how people’s eating habits have changed due to the current economic downturn. And the results are… well, not too good (as far as health is concerned). It said that almost a third of 2000 respondents were eating less healthily than last year in a bid to save money amid soaring food prices and economic downturn. And more people are turning to cheap, processed foods as organic, healthier foods tend to be more expensive.

Upon looking at the article, I just could not agree less  — as a young person living in NYC, I face the same issue everyday. During lunch times, I always, sadly, fall in dilemma of whether I should eat cheap-but-unhealthy food, or eat healthy-but-expensive food. And even more sadly, I usually end up choosing the cheap-unhealthy side — primarily for financial reasons.  And if you are one of those that are always concerned about status of your wallet, like me, I bet you really FEEL the sadness associated with this study result as well.

I guess the best solution to this problem would be to ‘cook & eat at home’ and to ‘carry lunch box’, but that is not so easy — especially if you are a guy like me that lives alone and spend most of the time at work.  Well, but if you are concerned about your health, it’s certainly worth trying.    And let’s just hope this economic downturn goes away, soon.

p.s. if you want to see the actual article covering the study mentioned above, click here.