Wooh, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this GYK blog — sorry to you, both readers and the blog! I’ve been truly busy with my job and the whole New Year/Decade thing, that I hadn’t been keeping up with this blog. But from now on, I’ll make sure to check in more often and update regularly & better 😉

Beautified Dumpster

A"beautified" NYC Dumpster (source: The New York Times)

Anyway, the real reason I came to write on this blog today is to discuss this article I read earlier today, and the concept of ‘beautifying ugly objects’ which was discussed in the article. (By the way, this post is not related in anyway with kitchen or food — instead it focuses fully on “green” part of this blog Green Your Kitchen) You can see the full article featured on New York Times by clicking here, but to give you a brief summary, the article talks about how a young Roman woman — along with two of her friends — wallpapered a couple of dumpsters on the streets of Manhattan, NY. And it added how “it’s a simple concept, beautifying an ugly object.” Basically, the article was showcasing an example of how the public space/fixtures could turn from ugly to beauty with a simple idea, and how that task of “beautification” was able to turn ugly dumpsters into ‘street artifacts’, only with a little extra care.

As I was reading through the article, I was able to recall a same idea that I encountered back in 2002 — back then, my home country co-hosted the FIFA World Cup (more…)