Have you ever heard how so many unexpected places or objects contain more germ than those that are widely viewed as being “dirty”? e.g. toilet area, under wears…etc.
Though often ignored, things like our hands and coins & dollar bills we use actually contain more number of germs than anyone expects. And this is probably why we’ve been told endlessly by our parents to wash our hands before we eat.

Similarly, it sometimes scares, and even amazes, me to see how many people ignore the importance of sanitizing kitchen sponges that are used to clean our dishes and silverwares.

Sanitize Kitchen Sponge

Sanitizing a kitchen sponge with microwave kills 99 percent of germs on it.

If you think a kitchen sponge is always kept clean by getting rubbed with a soap all the time, think again.
In fact, many researchers say that a kitchen sponge contains and absorbs so many germs from dirty dishes, that it should ideally be replaced¬†with a new one every few weeks. However, as replacing a kitchen sponge every few weeks poses financial problems to many average homes, there’s also an alternative way to keep our kitchen safe from kitchen-sponge-germs.
That is, to sanitize using microwave. The process is (more…)