Last week I wrote about how more people are choosing unhealthy food to cut back on their expenses, as a result of this on-going global economic crisis.

And to follow up on that, here are some tips on how you can spend less dollars, and still eat healthy (how great  is that?!)  — based on “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides” report by a green organization called Environmental Working Group (EWG).

  • If you do not have enough budget to buy everything organic, try saving your dollars for “high-risk” produce. According to the report by EWG, produce such as peaches, apples, bell peppers, celery, strawberries, lettuce, carrots and pears get highly contaminated by pesticides. (even if you rinse them before you eat) Thus, it is highly recommended that you put them on top of your list when going organic-grocery-shopping.
  • For items like onion, avocado, sweet corn, pineapple, asparagus, cabbage, kiwi, watermelon, broccoli and tomato, (more…)

As I was looking at news online, I found this interesting article featuring the recent study by an organization called Christians Against Poverty (CAP) which is based in UK.

The study looked at how people’s eating habits have changed due to the current economic downturn. And the results are… well, not too good (as far as health is concerned). It said that almost a third of 2000 respondents were eating less healthily than last year in a bid to save money amid soaring food prices and economic downturn. And more people are turning to cheap, processed foods as organic, healthier foods tend to be more expensive.

Upon looking at the article, I just could not agree less  (more…)

I’ve been using an electric cooktop for almost an year now – and you know, by electric I mean those stove cooktops that have circles drawn on top with red-light glowing in them to heat up your pot/pan as supposed to having real flames coming out. And although electric cooktops are supposedly more innovative (I agree with this part) and safer than the traditional flame-bursting stoves, as I’ve been using one for a while, I noticed that’s not necessarily the case.

Electric Cooktop
From personal experience, these more-expensive electric cooktops (around $500-1000 more expensive than traditional ones) have both ups and downs (more…)

Its October 28, 2009, and  YES,  HALLOWEEN IS BACK!!    … precisely, it will be back in 3 days.

Anyways, now that we are grown-ups and lack the “young spirit” (and more importantly lack the “young look and size”) Trick-or-Treating is no longer socially acceptable.   Neither are we so energetic(?) and bullish enough to be throwing raw eggs at others (nor, sadly, speedy enough – to run away after the egg-attack).

Fortunately enough, though, there’s Halloween Parties  for us grown-ups; and although we don’t get to collect tens/hundreds of free candies, parties are quite satisfying events that most of us look forward to when Halloween season comes around. (right..??) I’ve been looking around to get a costume for myself, I encountered some Halloween props (more…)

Have you ever made your own meal from fresh vegetables? If you have, you’ve probably also experienced one problem associated with using cutting board. That is, when trying to guide cut vegetables into pot/pan, it is hard not to misguide some of the cut veggies into landing on the floor instead of the pot.

This ‘landing on the floor’ by your veggie-pieces not only harasses you by creating a mess and wasting your portion of food, but it also adds to your food waste, and thus to global food waste.

To avoid this unhappy experience, here’s a cool cutting board I saw that would greatly reduced the chance of your veggies dropping on the floor. (more…)

Most people already know SIGG was not BPA free [until recently] and did not market themselves as such, even though that might not have been was not clear [to me at least].

I was reading an article in The Huffington Post [one of my favorite online new’s sources], and I had literally just purchased a new bottle and the aluminum bento style boxes the DAY before.

SIGG had a lot going for it: style, recyclable, reusable, cost efficient, non-toxic-super-advanced-secret-lining that didn’t leech BPA…or have BPA to leech it seemed. And water bottles are one of my all-time favorite things to buy.

Hence my expansion from water bottle to bento style boxes with the same brand.

Then I feel…beguiled. And stupid for having been beguiled. So when my order did arrive, I immediately returned it after going through the hassle of the RMA number request. I shipped my package back to them 09/06/09.

I have yet to be refunded, which isn’t inciting forgiveness or re-instating trust. So now Earthlust has my water bottle business, and I love their designs. I do not like that they are made in China, but they say that they are “made ethically in China“. Maybe working condition wise Earthlust is like the American Apparel in China?

*hope so*

If you are interested in SIGG’s apology letter, refund/exchange information (more…)

Oskri Organic produces Barley Coffee

Oskri Organic produces Barley Coffee

I was reading my fave online news source “The Huffington Post“…

And now I am confused, which is not unfamiliar.

Coffee is made from coffee beans right? And Starbucks names the coffee in some sexy way and sells said coffee beans in their glorious liquid form, all jazzed up, and usually tasting pretty sexy too. Not sure how to measure a beverage’s sexy taste, but I’m also not sure how coffee can be made from soy/barley/etc.

Similarly,  soy/rice/almond/hemp/etc “milks”? I just drink soy milk in my coffee because I like it.